Economists never expected this. Just as their predictions of the future failed to spot the recent recession lurking round the corner that came and went and left a lot of us sitting at home instead of going out visiting our favorite hubs and haunts. Well, who can blame them, busy as they were studying and putting in place laws of finances and their effects, for students of economics to confuse themselves with!

Unfortunately, the rest of the world, which includes us common people are really not interested in looking at the world through the eyes of economists (with due apologies to their intellects… but us ignorant folks rather enjoy life than worry our already over worked brains with cause and effects of economics). And if that were the case some of us would have probably never even dreamed up the concept of Synergy Card.

That wonderful little card that can make recessions and inflations look like just any other day of the year and have us enjoying life even when common sense dictate that we stay at home instead and save up every precious penny. And oh yes! Gave gifted economists (at least the clever ones, we assume) with something new to inculcate into their curriculums.

In true economic sense, maybe Synergy Card isn’t really a logical thing. But who cares, after all for us Synergy Card is India’s favourite Discount Cards that gives us great value for money. You might have come across it once in a while, probably in an up-end bar or restaurant – yes, we are talking about that bright yellow streak that every waiter accepts with a knowing smile. You probably caught a fleeting glimpse of it from the corner of your eye, wondering aloud what on earth it would be. Now you know.

Accepted in over 61 cities and 5000+ Outlets across the India, Synergy Card gives you the freedom to enjoy life hands on by offering you exclusive privileges, discounts and offers on categories ranging from dinning, fitness, health, personal care to books, gifts, stationary, home furnishing, entertainment and from lifestyles, electronics, computer peripherals to travel, leisure, cinema, hospital, lodging and boarding. Customers of Synergy Card have the option of indulging in easy and hassle free online shopping in not only Delhi NCR but also pan India as well as use Synergy Card as a discount dinning card to treat loved ones to fabulous meals at great places. Hardly surprising more and more wallets now carry a Synergy card rather than cash. A point which brings us finally to the end of our discourse: beating economic upheavals with Synergy Card. Well, we fun lovers have only one opinion (much to the chagrin of our intellectually bright brethren in their economic avatars) and that is as long as the world economy does not collapse, and there are plenty of offers in town, we dare believe a Synergy Card will always come more than handy. No joke this. Try it out yourself, if you don’t believe us. Synergy, It’s your power to enjoy life, now!!

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