The Creation of Chemistry – The Fundamental Laws: Crash Course Chemistry #3 | The Knowledge Dynasty

The Creation of Chemistry – The Fundamental Laws: Crash Course Chemistry #3

The Creation of Chemistry - The Fundamental Laws: Crash Course Chemistry #3

Today’s Crash Course Chemistry takes a historical perspective on the creation of the science, which didn’t really exist until a super-smart, super-wealthy Fr…

Chemistry 4.9 Intermolecular Forces

This lesson discusses what intermolecular (van der Waals) forces are and why they occur. We look at Dipole-Dipole interactions, Hydrogen bonding and London D…
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50 Responses to The Creation of Chemistry – The Fundamental Laws: Crash Course Chemistry #3

  • Tom k says:

    I heard physicists say that according to Einstein’s relativity theory
    matter does turn into energy thus losing mass. So in theory if i burnt 1
    mole of methane and somehow collected all of the products the mass after
    would never be exactly equal to what i started with. I think this is pretty
    much negligible with combustion and all chemical reactions, though.

  • Goku -San says:

    I like that nerd shirt. I want that nerd shirt. Where do I get that nerd
    shirt? Give me that nerd shirt. now

  • Skye Taylor says:

    Crash Course has replaced Cliffs Notes… forever! I’m kidding–they still
    have a website. But I’d rather watch Crash Course because the Green
    Brothers ROCK!!

  • Amber Carlsson says:

    Since when does Hank’s hair have a puff-level!?!

  • Guy smurf says:

    Did he go from Thought Buble to Thought cafe
    Thumbs up If you noticed

  • artiethebarber says:

    how is it that the men you name as the fathers of chemistry came after the
    egyptians who invented it?

  • Gwerty102 says:

    Never even learned the basics of chemistry. Absolute beginner. He goes a
    tad too fast for me to understand, but it is called ” Crash Course
    Chemistry ” anyway I will keep watching and see what I can get 🙂 hail

  • Alpha Lao says:

    This might just be me but at some points he goes way too fast to understand
    it all. This is coming from a person with little knowledge of Chemistry.
    Still, I will be watching this series. Nothing to lose and everything to

  • bluetextbooks says:

    I have ADHD and love these videos but sometimes you guys have a little
    backtrack/music that plays and it totally drives me insane. I can’t focus
    on what you’re saying and it kills my concentration. smh

  • Eric Taylor says:

    You make Lavoisier sound like a pervert getting married to a 13-year old
    girl. To be fair he married her because she had been promised to a man in
    his 40’s. Women married young then because they had to. When you can only
    expect to live to about 35 you have to start having babies as soon as
    possible if you have any hope of raising them to adulthood then helping
    your daughter or daughter-in-law with HER babies. Women today can afford to
    wait until their 30’s to start having babies because women today can expect
    to live into their 80’s

  • rockpunkmc says:

    So we can turn ash into diamonds? Misty would be proud :P

  • Gene Kim says:

    The Creation of Chemistry – The Fundamental Laws: Crash Course Chemistry #3

  • Kassepi Rai says:

    This is going to sound stupid but how does the volume of oxygen being two
    times smaller than the volume of water vapour show that oxygen was
    splitting into two pieces? My brain is being extremely slow and cannot
    connect the dots. Could someone please explain this further for me? Thank

  • Adam May says:


  • Jyn Falcon says:

    You guys should make lesson plans for teachers worldwide. People would be a
    lot smarter, I guarantee.

  • Marcus Phillips says:

    Hank wants to teach me about chemistry. My lack-of-focus-level: noticing
    hank’s haircut as well as the fact that cc’s #’s 1 and 2 were probably
    filmed on the same day

  • Phillip Oliver Crevice says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I heard Hank say “Hydrogen wasn’t inflammable
    air …” at 2:55, don’t you mean “Hydrogen wasn’t FLAMMABLE air …”? 

  • Maureen Marandu says:

    Can you please do a crash course in physics? Pleeeaasee? 

  • Cooks Lewie says:

    this is getting me through chem in HS.

    Why can they not teach ALL classes JUST LIKE THIS.
    make it interesting.

  • Refath Bari says:

    I dont get any chemistry.I dont have a chemistry background-can anyone help
    or suggest a website?

  • Alyssa Baker says:

    CrashCourse My Science teacher loves you guys!

  • mesh475 says:

    Whats the number?

  • Padd Leed says:

    Lavoisier didn’t discover a single element. While he might have named them,
    he was not the discoverer, especially not in the part of oxygen. Hydrogen
    was Cavendish. Oxygen was Scheele, but Priestley was doing very similar
    things independantly at similar times. Edmond Genet about Lavoisier: “I
    also had the advantage during my stay at Birmingham of becoming acquainted
    with Dr. Priestley who had the kindness to repeat for my gratification his
    most interesting experiments on air and gases of which I sent an account to
    the Academy of Paris. At that time, Lavoisier was pursuing the same
    subject, and I was surprised on my return to hear him read a memorial at
    one of the sittings of the Academy which was simply a repetition in
    different words of Priestley’s experiments which I had reported. He
    laughed, and said to me, “My friend, you know that those who start the hare
    do not always catch it.”

  • Jakk's Coffee Break says:

    thank you for explaining how we went from alchemy to chemestry. i’d always
    thought we’d gone from one to the other through a better understanding of
    atoms, but this fills out all the blanks. plus, now i can explain it to my
    relatives and not have them look at me like i’ve grown a third head.

  • Sitara Hariharan says:

    Hi Mr. Green, Can you please do videos on Physics?

  • Deebs Syed says:

    A big big bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggesssssttttttttttt thanks to you
    for this great video…..:-)

  • Alaa Husain says:

    This is amazing u have no idea how much youve helped me! Imm gunna pass
    this test wooooo!

  • Rodney Revilla says:

    thanks for making this an easy lesson to pick up on something that can
    seem very confusing if not for your technique on the demonstration!

  • Alyssa Ysabel Bautista says:

    *T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H !*

  • bailb12 says:

    I wish you were my teacher instead

  • Glamgirl77 says:


  • Graham Greenhalgh says:

    Helped so much thanks!!!

  • Maha Alshalhoub says:

    Great ! thanks 

  • chris_wesker17 says:

    Great teacher! 

  • Salma Maher says:

    finally get it, thanks alot :))

  • MoonsBloodyProtector says:

    You have helped me so much preparing for exams. I just dont’ understand my
    teacher when he talks about it, but it makes sense when you write it out.
    Thank you so much. 

  • Kumarie Beer says:

    very helpful 🙂 Thank you!

  • lizzyinthahizzy says:

    That…was…beautiful. Simple and concise. Thank you so much. 

  • KphexTwin00 says:


  • Fatema Es'haqi says:

    life saver

  • benhur metzker says:

    I´m brazilian boy and i am loving this class thanks!!!

  • Yeti Moo says:

    Brilliant! Thank you very much!

  • Chester Cueto says:

    Thanks man! 

  • Mariam Viqar says:

    this was very helpful, thanks! :)

  • slimjim561 says:

    I go to a private university that costs 28k a year. My chem professor took
    an hour to describe what he just did in 10 minutes lol.

  • Mitchell Wheeler says:

    Great tutorial – thanks!

  • 123reletive123 says:

    A* great vid

  • Nick W says:

    This was really easy to understand. Thank you for making this video as it
    really helped to clear things up after a class taught by my student teacher
    who definitely has no experience…

  • ifoxrider says:

    wow, chemistry video with lecture+lab experiment, awesome

  • MichaeldeParma says:

    Really good video, thanks.

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