The History of Austrian Economics, Part 1 | Dr. Israel Kirzner | The Knowledge Dynasty

The History of Austrian Economics, Part 1 | Dr. Israel Kirzner

Established to study and advance classical liberalism, the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is the oldest free-market organization in the United State…
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25 Responses to The History of Austrian Economics, Part 1 | Dr. Israel Kirzner

  • John Horse says:

    Dr Claud Anderson U.S. Constitution & The Supreme Court Have Always Been
    Against Black Folk!

  • kizzmac says:

    It was those blacks who sold us out. They are the reason why we are in the
    condition today. Them wanting to integrate with whites so badly. Damn

  • Sharrif Bey says:

    Until we stop calling ourselves black, African American, negro, etc… and
    claim your true nationality (Moor) you’ll continue to be considered cargo,
    3/5s, civilly dead (civil liter mortus). Do your research; R V Bey
    publications will give you the knowledge to reverse all that has been done
    to us in our own land. Google the Treaty of Peace & Friendship, also the
    letter from George Washington to the Sultan of Morocco asking for
    permission to run the Republican form of government that existed before
    europeans came to these shores. Wake Up! Sleepy Headed Moors. By the way,
    buy the politicians with what? (debtor notes); the world is moving away
    from using fake currencies. Find out who really penned the Constitution
    (1791). We continue to suffer from lack of knowledge. Claim your
    Nationality and use Federal & International Courts to hold all public
    servants accountable; the World is waiting

    Islam Moors

  • Yahya John Leigh says:

    we have to support black business/we have to support each other. 

  • Nwora Fairley says:

    Who is the gentleman in the beginning?

  • DegahbourCity says:

    for you black americans who hate africa ,whites are investing in africa
    .they have business there so why are you afraid of doing business in
    africa.its ridiculous for you to think that you can make business in
    america only.think larger…

  • marty mart says:

    blacks who are mentally dead (cedric Mayfield, below) sit in front of the
    television set and cry, laugh, feel sorry for, and imitate whites as they
    look at movies and commercials – then they go outside and believe that
    racism is gone and they are just as part of this country as whites- they
    have not been able to break the conditioning and like Dr. Anderson said-
    see the world through the eyes of whites

  • PROJECT DX says:

    The sad thing is this is one of the most important videos ever for blacks
    and it has just 24 comments. Then you will get some stupid video that will
    have thousands of responses and be worthless. Its a very sad state of
    affairs. Until theres unity theres nothing.

  • Dawna S says:

    I love this. I have something in the works however I need like minds to
    join forces this is completely innovative and aggressive yet very simple
    and takes supporting black businesses to another level 

  • Brother John's says:

    Great video , but the title threw me off alittle. (the obama part) so i
    didnt share it!

  • DaOrigTruthSeeker says:

    What a lot of these people fail to realize is the fact that there are
    outside forces working night and day to make sure Blacks never become
    economically independent. If they allowed that then their own economic
    stability would suffer as a result. Blacks are supporting a lot of other
    races communities and these people never want to see us develop our own
    because that will take from them. Basically we have parasites attached to
    our community and until or unless we stop supporting them they will keep us
    in the ghetto and always looking for some government program to bail us
    out. Jews make BIG MONEY off of the suffering of Blacks. The prisons that
    are now private is big business for them. It behooves them to keep crime
    and drugs in our neighborhoods so they can thrive economically. Black
    celebs who want to help their race are forbidden to. 

  • wlljohn bey says:

    Without a community and a strong economic infrastructure, you are
    finished…Your politics have no meaning.

  • keefe laporte says:

    Dr Claud Anderson – People Don’t Need Money/Economics

  • Akilina .Arina says:

    What’s that African song at 10:06?


    All blacks need to see this 

  • Jamiel Cotman says:

    In what book does he discuss this?

  • The Truth says:

    Now, now calm down with all blacks need to see this , we all know the
    powers that be are working overtime with the distractions to keep black
    people attention elsewhere well not me, Dr.Claude is speaking about life
    and survival of black people in America the new technological age is going
    to break black people backs in unless these procedures are followed.

  • Lereco Fambro says:

    Gary Willis love your mind some blacks will sit there and watch the
    surrogate black woman all day the men are looking at this shit to we look
    like fools well its like drinking the juice of Jim Jones Jesus save
    kool-aid and then die in prison, the hood, the mental hospitals, and last
    the pimp out churches that’s on every coner!

  • Love Light says:

    As the Black American Man and Woman goes SO GOES AMERICA


    @Jimmy Nieves you have no idea what you are talking about. Latin…lol that
    is not a “race”/haplogroup it’s a language. Spanish is a language from a
    European country, and Hispanic comes from Haiti’s former name “Hispanolia.”
    Get your facts straight before you comment sir. Are you a “Mestizo?”

  • sirvira says:

    PLEASE SOMEONE PLEASE what is the name of the song in this video…..for
    the love of your people please tel me 

  • TheXaiverNetwork says:

    This is great info – To Bad not much will happen. A few might muscle
    through and profit but But when Bro Anderson speaks about Voting and
    Inappropriate Behavior – He spoke nothing but the TRUTH – Black People
    jumped, cried and danced a jig when Obama got elected and just What did
    they get in return – ZERO – and I cant blame Obama totally because Blacks
    were too confused,frighten and brainwashed to ask Obama for a damm thing as
    a result when Obama realized he had all these dumb negroes fooled – He
    could not wait to get up on his podium and essentially spit on the Civil
    Right Movement – He came out and equated years of institutionalized racism,
    lyching, rape , outright murder and false imprisonment – To a damm riot at
    a gay nightclub and some white women complaining about not getting more pay
    at some jobs at some damm company – This Is what jumping, clapping,
    crying, squealing ex-slaves Got in return for their Vote AND You did not
    see or hear a SINGLE Black Group or so-called Black Leader utter so much as
    a mumbling word To address Obamas comments or Speak out on behalf of the
    Black People who gave their very lives for the Civil Rights Movement – To
    Quote Brother Anderson: ‘Vote!?… Vote For What!?” – Obama is the picture
    perfect example of a “BOUGHT” politician. Can you Imagine a Jewish person
    would EVER in a MILLION Years get up anywhere public or private and COMPARE
    The Holocaust to some drag queens getting beat up by some cops at a
    nightclub…Really Obama

  • Dorothear Parker says:

    Black People Don’t Need Money/Economics, Just Oba…:

  • Shange Bang says:

    There is absolutely no doubt, this man is doing the work of a Savior. I
    hope all schools will use these lectures to train their staff and empower
    the younger student groups. May Allah (God) stay on your side and with you
    brother Claude. Thanks to the person that put this information on YouTube
    as well. Alhamdulillah

  • Dorothear Parker says:

    Black People Don’t Need Money/Economics, Just Oba…:

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