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Will Machines Put Mathematicians Out of Work?

Will Machines Put Mathematicians Out of Work?
We tend to think of creative fields like mathematics as exempt, but perhaps we shouldn't. Machines aren't ready to replace mathematicians yet; they're just checking our proofs, not generating substantial ideas of their own. But nobody knows when or …
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Hyderabad Boy Is World Topper in Mathematics
Rishikesh Reddy Kayathi, a student of Oakridge International School, Hyderabad, has made India proud by winning the title of 'World Topper in Mathematics' in the Grade X International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examination, …
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Mathematics at work
The recent announcement that two mathematicians of Indian origin, Manjul Bhargava and Subhash Khot, have won two of the most coveted international prizes in this “queen of sciences” in a single year, has made mathematics fashionable once again in our …
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