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Young Author Alexandra Lamarre Adds Magic to the World of High School and College

Ottawa (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

Picture a 13-year old girl sitting on a boat during a crisp summer day surrounded by family yet lost in a reverie of myth and magic, when suddenly that dream ignites an ambition to bring that fantasy world into reality.

That young girl was Alexandra Lamarre, who rode the waves of that ambition and passion for 10 years in order to perfect her first novel, “Principium.” Having begun writing the book at age 13, Lamarre was able to progress with her characters and plotlines throughout the next decade to create an authentic youth experience.

“I’ve always felt being able to escape into a fantasy world is beneficial,” Lamarre said. “But if the fantasy is not grounded in reality, there is no way to connect to your readers or help them learn from your experiences.”

“Principium” combines Lamarres high school and college experiences with her inspirations from the youth literature she grew up on. From friendship drama to family difficulties down to fears of an unpredictable future, all of the demons and witches of “Principium” are living in a more realistic world than we may like to think.

“While many kids my age would pick up and immediately drop hobbies I couldn’t stop writing until this book was complete,” Lamarre said. “I just hope young people get as much enjoyment and comfort from reading the book as I did writing it.”


By: Alexandra Lamarre

SC-ISBN: 978-1-4759-9944-0

SC-Retail price: $ 13.95

Available at and

About the Author

Alexandra Lamarre begin writing at an early age and has now earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Carleton University with a double minor in history and French. As a recent graduate, she currently lives and works in Ottawa while continuing to write when inspiration strikes her.


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